Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

Days 2 and 3 

After only 3 hours sleep (partying at the Aladdin Hotel and jet lag) we launched into the first full day. Was a bit nerve wracking as we had the WCW panel at 2.30pm. We were placed between Greg Manchess and James Gurney so no pressure at all! It went really well with an enthusiastic audience and more importantly the secret weapons of Christian Pearce's super funny videos which just made me and Ben look lame:)

The convention itself has been an incredible experience. I can't think of a single convention where you have this many legendary genre artists under one roof with so many original works you can not just look at but even buy. Kansas has been so hospitable and friendly and that is exactly how the convention has been, with artists just hanging out and talking with attendees. There are way too many highlights to cover off quickly but just imagine meeting your favourite artists of all time for a friendly chat and that's what it's been like every day with cool panels to boot. I can only hope that this event happens again!!!!

And a word of thanks to Christian Gossett and Andrew and JhenniferWebberly for all their help with the booth. it was so much fun!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live,  Kansas City, MO

Day One: Setup and Pre Show viewing

We started setting up at 9am, the venue is fantastic and very laid back compared to Comic Con. There was a real sense of a big family reunion rather than a convention. The set up went great and our wonderful helpers Jhennifer and Andrew were amazing. We are sharing the booth with Christian Gossett (RedStar) and being an old hand at con setups soon had things looking sweet.

We opening or just a few hours this afternoon for the 3day pass holders so not a massive crowd but surprisingly busy for a preshow. Highlights would be Iain McCaig's panel and just meeting so many incredible artists.  After some sushi and saki we attended the first party of the night before heading to the Aladdin Hotel for a late night  life drawing class.

More to come tomorrow :)