Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crab's Inhumanity to Crabs. I mean Robots.

Hmmm... that gif seems to break this blog's layout. You can see it animated over here.

Holla! Here's a process gif of a piece I did for the White Cloud Worlds book.
I worked a bit differently for this and tried to imagine how a real artist makes a picture. I did a little thumbnail sketch first which I never ever do, there's never any planning stages usually and whatever first doodle I do ends up as the final image. For this one though there was two pencil stages before I started laying in the colour.
I tried to work with different colours in this piece too, sort of a warm yellow highlight, cool purple shadows and like a green mid tone. I am pretty colour-blind though so it's probably actually all in blorgentas™ and graghcillian™ hues.
I had an old sketch of a robot that I based the ones in the picture on, he pops up over on the right there. You can see a couple of photos I took for reference in one of the stages too. The idea was this was set in Wellington and the sea had reclaimed Lambton Quay and had brought a bunch of monster crabs with it. Obviously the only way to resolve this type of issue is to send in a bunch of human-shaped robots with guns and a futuristic tank.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Signing at Unity Books!

Lost, lonely and sober this Saturday at 5pm? Come by Unity books and get a book defaced by professional* book defacers!

5pm Saturday 30th October
Unity Books, 57 Willis St, Wellington 04 499 4245

*not actual professionals.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back from Armageddon

A small and very dedicated team of artists  (Greg Broadmore, Paul Tobin, Claire Hackett, Nick Keller, Dylan Coburn (and their trusty minder Kate behind the camera) left windswept Wellington for the sunny climes of Auckland over Labour Weekend to celebrate White Cloud World's official release at Armageddon Expo. It was a huge success, (in fact Nick pre-empted the success by starting the celebration the night before...) and we had a great time scribbling away, meeting some cool new artists and checking out fans whose toy swords were usually larger than they were.

A big thanks to the Weta Stall team for hosting us and Jono (at the back),  our web guy who also played cabbie :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

'Marshwalkers', The Making Of

Hi everyone
Inspired by Frank's sneak preview, I thought I'd share some process images from one of my paintings for the book. I've called this one 'Marshwalkers'.

The idea started out as a tiny scribble in my sketchbook, drawn while I was lazing around the Wellington waterfront with my artist pal Guido Anton. All those N.C Wyeth fans out there will recognize his influence straight away- the piece was largely inspired by his painting entitled 'The Hunter' (1905).

The first image is a quick-and-dirty digital sketch based on the drawing in my sketchbook. From there I made myself a maquette from wire and sculpey to help work out some of the anatomical issues. The third image shows the piece at the colour sketch stage, with a second figure and some background imagery thrown in. The last image is my final.

Looking forward to posts from everyone else, and I can't wait to see the book.

The making of "Gas Attack"

Hi folks, here's a sneak preview of one of my paintings for the "White cloud Worlds" book.

This one is called "Gas Attack", it is part of a concept I called: "War of the Woods".
The idea for it came a few years ago as I was walking in the streets of Nancy, a city in the French region of Lorraine. The first world war still permeates the whole landscape over there. You know how it is when your mind wonders about ...What a strange building... Hey look a pretty girl... and then... hundreds of angry Dwarves wearing strange helmets and gas masks appear!
I ran home and did the sketch that you see at the top. Then I forgot about it for a year or two.

Later I thought it'd be fun to do a more finalized painting from that crude rough.
The image in the middle was taken by my wife as I was painting it. The books in the background are all real, and barely any of them is a Playboy magazine.

The last image is the final painting.
It is really sad to think that the real world influences the parallel world of the fairies in such a dramatic way, but there it is! Who knows what they're up to these days...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Armageddon Expo Auckland

October 23 - October 25, 2010

Come and meet some of the artists from White Cloud Worlds! Artist book signings Saturday and Sunday at 11am & 3pm. The White Cloud Worlds team will be hosted at the Weta stand.

Signing Artists

Greg Broadmore - Weta Workshop Concept Designer and creator of Doctor Grordbort's Rayguns.
Dylan Coburn - Director of Karactaz animation studio and freelance illustrator.
Claire Hackett - Freelance illustrator working at Weta Digital.
Nick Keller - Weta Workshop Concept Designer and fine artist.
Paul Tobin - Editor of White Cloud Worlds, Weta Workshop Concept Designer and freelance illustrator.

ASB Showgrounds, Auckland

Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome to White Cloud Worlds

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 'White Cloud Worlds' blogspot! Phew this has seemed like a long time coming, we started working on the 'White Cloud Worlds' book almost two years ago! And now here we are many months and much hard work later with a beautiful book that is about to be published, an exhibition coming up, a fancy website and of course a blogspot. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get to this point, and of course to the artists who have let us include their fabulous work in 'White Cloud Worlds'. We hope this will become a place that everyone can share new sketches, sculpts, their thoughts on sci-fi and fantasy artwork in Aotearoa and news about their own projects. We also know there are a lot of other kiwi sci-fi and fantasy artists out there that we don't know about. Please share your work with us! Enjoy the book, the blogspot, the sunshine and tell everyone what a great Christmas present 'White Cloud Worlds' would make!

Kate & Paul