Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome to White Cloud Worlds

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 'White Cloud Worlds' blogspot! Phew this has seemed like a long time coming, we started working on the 'White Cloud Worlds' book almost two years ago! And now here we are many months and much hard work later with a beautiful book that is about to be published, an exhibition coming up, a fancy website and of course a blogspot. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get to this point, and of course to the artists who have let us include their fabulous work in 'White Cloud Worlds'. We hope this will become a place that everyone can share new sketches, sculpts, their thoughts on sci-fi and fantasy artwork in Aotearoa and news about their own projects. We also know there are a lot of other kiwi sci-fi and fantasy artists out there that we don't know about. Please share your work with us! Enjoy the book, the blogspot, the sunshine and tell everyone what a great Christmas present 'White Cloud Worlds' would make!

Kate & Paul

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