Monday, October 25, 2010

'Marshwalkers', The Making Of

Hi everyone
Inspired by Frank's sneak preview, I thought I'd share some process images from one of my paintings for the book. I've called this one 'Marshwalkers'.

The idea started out as a tiny scribble in my sketchbook, drawn while I was lazing around the Wellington waterfront with my artist pal Guido Anton. All those N.C Wyeth fans out there will recognize his influence straight away- the piece was largely inspired by his painting entitled 'The Hunter' (1905).

The first image is a quick-and-dirty digital sketch based on the drawing in my sketchbook. From there I made myself a maquette from wire and sculpey to help work out some of the anatomical issues. The third image shows the piece at the colour sketch stage, with a second figure and some background imagery thrown in. The last image is my final.

Looking forward to posts from everyone else, and I can't wait to see the book.


  1. This is so awesome Tom, really fantastic. That's a cool sculpt too dude!

  2. It's very beautiful Tom! And the choice of colors is choice... Can I say that?

  3. No you cannot Le Pict. Bloody foreigners. When are they gonna close the borders?